Favorite Favorites, December 2015

I’m bring sexy favorites back, and this time we’re rounding up my end of the year/December favorites. Also, how the heck are we already one week into the new year? Slow down 2016!

"It's a 10" Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, Target

Favorite Hair ProductIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this product yet. My dear friend B introduced me to this product (I told you we do text reviews of products!), and I haven’t let it leave my side yet! I usually wash my hair at night and then spray it in after I comb through my hair. It doesn’t make your hair sticky or stiff or anything (and it smells really good too)! The price is a BIT more than I normally spend on hair products, but it is definitely worth it!

Favorite Nail Polish Color: This combination: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Bare Dare” (exact) + Essie “Hors D’oeuvres” (exact). It’s the perfect sparkle and shine while not being too over the top. Just paint one light layer of “Bare Dare”, let it dry, and then paint the Essie “Hors D’oeuvres” on top of that. Top it all off with your favorite top coat, and you’ve got some subtle sparkle!

j.crew winter favorites

Favorite Clothing Item(s): Anything and everything from J.Crew’s holiday catalog. They took the pictures in Kerry County, Ireland, which if you remember from my Ireland post (here if you missed it) was The Husband and I’s favorite part of Ireland! I love how all the red and blue looks on the lush Ireland countryside, and how vividly I remember those views (and winding roads)! I’ve rounded up my favorite items below (including that fantastic plaid coat)!

Favorite Treat: My mom’s Christmas cookies. Specifically these peanut butter blossoms (see them here on Instagram) and the best sugar cookies ever (we made some that look like foxes!)! It’s truly a blessing and a curse to have a mom who is sooooooooo good at making cookies! We’ll see if all this sucking up on the blog can get The Husband and I a cookie care package down the line. ;)

Favorite Book:  In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Well, it’s more like the only one that I read in all of December, but don’t worry, it was SUPER good. I read about 30% of it one night, then got busy with Christmas and other stuff and only read 20% of it sporadically, and then read the other 50% in one sitting! Super riveting, and I think if you like Gone Girl or The Girl On A Train (both great too!), that you would enjoy this one!

Pixi Glow Tonic toner; Target

Favorite Beauty Product: Pixi Glow Tonic. This is actually my second bottle of this stuff, because I’ve really enjoyed how it works with my skin! I use it every night after washing my face, and it really does seem to make your skin glow! I’m clearly not a beauty blogger, but all the reviews online are glowing as well (pun intended)!

Favorite Shoes: Oh shocker…it’s another pair of Sole Society shoes! This time around, it is a beautiful pair of leopard print wedges. Great now with tights and later with bare legs!

Starbucks red holiday cup; red nails; Holiday Spice latte

Favorite Drink: The Holiday Spice Flat White from Starbucks! I hope it isn’t too late for you all to try one, and I hope they continue it forever! My bestie, B, encouraged me to try it, and I described it to her as a warm, cinnamon hug…you know, if that makes sense at all! It’s perfect for those of you like me that don’t want the syrup-y sweet drinks, but something other than just coffee all the time! If it is gone for good, I’ll be counting down the days until it is back!

Favorite Accessory: These fair isle fleece lined socks. They are the softest things ever…and so warm and cozy! I also got these fox socks that aren’t quite as thick, but are still super soft and cute! Let’s just say my slippers are getting a bit jealous! ;)

Cooper dog

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): Ummmm this little Cooper puppy (who is not little and not a puppy). Not that I am a biased dog mom or anything, but seriously. He’s the cutest and hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in quite some time, so enjoy his precious little mug!

Favorite Outfit: My favorite outfit of mine from December was my print mixing look from the “Buffalo Plaid and Stripes” post. Though I also loved the opportunity to style posts for the NFL (here) and Express (here)!

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

Favorite Favorites, November 2015

Back again with a Favorite Favorites post, and it is filled with November’s favorites that I’ve loved all month long!

Also, how the heck is it December? My Christmas shopping definitely needs to move to the top of my to-do list! But tomorrow’s gift guide should help with that, so let’s move on to what I’ve been loving lately!

Favorite Treat: Cranberry bliss bars are back at Starbucks! I haven’t had one yet, but this month is going to change all that! I think it is hard to describe them, but they’re like a blondie with cranberries baked into it and then covered with cream cheese icing and more cranberries!

suave rosemary mint hair

Favorite Hair Product: The girl that cuts my hair (hairdresser, hair stylist, beautician?) always shampoos and conditions it with AVEDA Rosemary + Mint products (here), and I love love love the way that they smell and make my hair feel. I do not, however, love love love the cost of these products, so I never buy them. I just happened to be looking for a new shampoo/conditioner at Target when I saw that Suave had a Rosemary Mint collection that claims to be salon-proven and comparable to the AVEDA product…for under $4.00 (for BOTH the shampoo and conditioner – here). Done and done. It smells exactly like the hair salon products and makes my hair feel super soft. I’ve also been noticing less frizz, which is a very nice bonus! Definitely forgo one trip to Starbucks to try it out! ;)

Favorite Nail Polish Color: You can probably guess (since it’s been all over the blog in the last month), but it is “Rhapsody Red” from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line. I love it! It’s the perfect red shade and works with all of my outfits! My friend, C, also commented that it is the perfect holiday red!

Favorite Drink: Speaking of holiday red, I’ve been loving anything that comes in a holiday Starbucks red cup! I love the design (despite the big hubbub about it), and Starbucks always tastes just a bit better around the holidays!

Loft Super Skinny Jeans

Favorite Clothing Item: Loft’s “Super Skinny” Jeans (here – see them styled above and click the image to be taken to that blog post). Let me clear the record…I am not super skinny, and I’m not exactly a fan of the name of these jeans. But I am in LOVE with them! I bought all three rinses (black, dark rinse, and regular rinse) of the “Curvy” style (again with the name, Loft?), and I’ve recommended them to several friends (with varying body types) who have also tried them and loved them! They come in petites and talls, and Loft also  has them in a “Modern” style here if you’re more into that. Grab them during the next Loft sale and give them a try (I would order your normal size and a size smaller just to see which one works best), if you’re looking for a new skinny jean!

Favorite Shoes: I opened up one of my emails from Sole Society when I was with my mom at The Husband’s surprise party, and these beautiful bow wedges were featured. We both were head over heels (pun intended) for these beauties, and I personally think they will look great with both casual and dressier outfits! And if bows aren’t your thing, Sole Society also has bow-less wedges in a variety of patterns/colors here!


Favorite Beauty Product: Nars Blush. Yes, this is the cult favorite color “Orgasm”, and yes, it really is that that great. Just a simple swipe of the color is all you really need. I think I’m becoming a makeup minimalist, and I really just want to find products that work and are easy to apply, and this blush is both (even though it is on the pricer side)! Mine has lasted forever (I just got it in a gift set last Christmas), and you can see how much I’ve barely used!

ps. My brush is part of a Sonia Kashuk set. They’re not available any more, but they have similar sets below (check out the gold and the plaid!).

Favorite Album: Adele. Adele. Adele. If you haven’t listened to 25 (here), then please get on it! My favorite song might be “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” because it super different than anything she’s done before, but I haven’t listened to the album a million times, so I don’t really know yet! ;)

Favorite Blanket Scarf: I promise to not make this its own category every month, but this blanket scarf (here) is just too pretty to not talk about. I bought it for my friend C for her birthday, because I thought it was a great neutral scarf that could be mixed and match! So chic and so warm! And now I might have to pick up one of my own!

mini purse keychain

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): These mini bag key chain charms from Target (above)! I mean…seriously! They’re $5 so they would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite fashionista (or for yourself…no judgement here!) or you can upgrade to the original mini bag (with new colors here)!

Favorite Outfit: So I’m going to try to add this to the end of every Favorite Favorites post in the future, because I always think it would be interesting to hear what a fashion blogger’s favorite look was for the month. Because after posting 15-25 outfits each month, you have to have a favorite right? Mine in November was the “Very Berry” post (with the “Busting Out the Tights” post coming in a close second). I just love the color combination and those dang nude wedges that I’m going to have to put away until spring!

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

Favorite Favorites, October 2015

Good thing you guys seemed to like this Favorite Favorites series (check out the first one here if you missed it), because it is back again with October’s favorites this time around!

targetbuffaloplaid scarf

Favorite AccessoryThis Merona black/red buffalo plaid print blanket scarf. It seriously is the softest thing every, and it goes with EVERYTHING. I’ve been wearing it any chance I get, and I’m hoping to feature it more on the blog soon! Snag it while you can, because it’s going fast! Check out my other blanket scarf picks here.

Favorite Book: I read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr while we were traveling last month, and I could barely put it down. I love all stories about World War II and the events that surrounded it, and this novel was about two different individuals (a blind French girl and a German soldier) and the war that surrounds them. I highly highly recommend it, even if you aren’t as obsessed with this part of history as I am!


Favorite City: Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Bikes, cheese, stroopwafels, windmills, canals, and tulips? Yes, please! If you’re lucky enough to head to Europe anytime soon, put this city on your list (unless you hate any of those things…then don’t ;))!

Favorite Clothing Item: J.Crew Factory puffer vests (check all the colors/patterns here). It’s clear that you’ve seen them alllll over this blog this month, but they’re honestly my favorite layering piece for fall. If you don’t have one yet, I’d recommend a navy one and then you can build your collection from there (like me)! ;)

Favorite Candle: Bath and Body Works had a crazy sale ($12 candles!) the day before we left for our Europe trip, so I may have gone overboard on buying ALL THE CANDLES. I stocked up on last month’s favorite candle (London Tea and Lemon), but I tried a few new scents as well. I found one called Flannel that seriously smells like a cozy cabin in the woods, and it’s the prettiest blue ever (see it above with my buffalo plaid scarf)!


Favorite Beauty Product: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. Trust me when I say this color is the best and you have to get this one if you really want to enjoy this product! Love the hint of color that I get from this little tube, and the moisturizing bonus is pretty great too! I’ve been devoted to this for years and always have one in my purse!

I’ve also recently been obsessed with a sample  of MAC False Lashes mascara I got from Nordstrom, in case you are looking for a great mascara (it even comes in a to-go size)! It doesn’t “do anything special” but enhances both the volume, curl, and length of your normal lashes. I’ll definitely be buying another one, when I’m done with my sample size!

Favorite Snack: Sabra hummus (classic style) and Snack Factory everything pretzel crisps. I seem to default back to this snack every few months, but it is so filling and delicious (and maybe not as bad as a bowl of potato chips?)!

Favorite Fall Activity: Apple picking! See what I wore during this year’s apple picking adventure here, and if you know a great apple recipe, let me know in the comments!

Favorite Shoes: I definitely have been wearing my leopard tassel flats a ton this fall. They’re a great “neutral” and they go with all my fall outfits (including this quintessential fall outfit here). I got them last year at Target, but here’s an almost identical pair! 


Favorite Color for Fall: Maroon/wine/burgundy. I honestly can’t get enough! I already have this gorgeous wine-colored purse from Express (here) and this lipstick from Covergirl (here), but I’d also love to add this cozy sweater and this chic skirt to my maroon collection! And yes, I’ve now become “that blogger” who takes pictures of open lipsticks. Help me?

Favorite Album: Duh. It’s the Ryan Adams cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989. I obviously love Taylor Swift’s original album, but this one is just as good and is such a different take on the emotions of the album. You’ve got to give it a listen!

Be sure to leave your recent favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!


Favorite Favorites, September 2015

I wanted to start a new series on the blog where once a month, I discuss my current favorites (roughly 10 or so of them), and I thought it would also be fun for you all to leave your monthly favorites in the comments, so we can spread the favorite love around! My friends (C and B) and I do something similar via text, so I’m spreading the joy to all of my Internet friends…aka you!

These might be Target related or not. They might be clothing/style related or not. But you know what they will be? Good, because I’m out here staking my reputation on them by calling them my favorite favorites!

Usually, I’ll try to have them at the end of the month, but since we’re still currently in Europe, I thought now might be a good time for this post, so I hope you don’t mind! Without further adieu, here are my September favorites:


Favorite Treat: Brownie Batter Oreos (here). Have you had these? They’re dangerously good, and legitimately smell like you just made a batch of brownies. Yum yum yum.

Favorite Beauty Product: I’m still a huge fan of BareMinerals Complexion Rescue (here). I’m about to finish my second bottle, and I’m definitely going to be buying my third. It’s more expensive than my normal makeup (aka Target selection), but I think it is well worth it for the results! Highly recommended and the reviews here confirm it (since I am SO NOT a beauty blogger)!

Favorite Clothing Item: Still obsessed with these striped boatneck tees from Target (here). I talk about them at least once a week, but if you still haven’t tried them yet, promise me you’ll take one into the dressing room with you next time. Please?

Favorite Candle: Bath and Body Works has a set of “country/city” scents, and the London Tea and Lemon is my favorite (followed closely by Amsterdam’s Tulips and Windmills). Grab them while you still can at your local store! I’m excited to start burning some fall scents when we get home!


Favorite Drink: The new LaCroix Kiwi/Watermelon flavor (here). So amazing! I want to try the other flavors, but the blackberry cucumber one scares me…just a little bit too weird, maybe. Has anyone else tried it, yet?

Favorite Album: I can’t stop listening to Vance Joy’s debut album, Dream Your Life Away (here). I mean, I’m probably listening to it right now somewhere in Europe, that’s how great it is! He was on tour with Taylor Swift, so you know he is good! I also happen to think it makes for great blogging music too.

Favorite Shoes: I’ve almost bought these cheetah print (almost black/tan polka dot) heels (here) about four different times, but I just can’t justify it in my budget. But aren’t they pretty to look at? Sigh.


Favorite Nail Polish Color: Sugar Fix from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (here). I’m finishing up with my “summer colors”, but I might love this blue too much to give it up! Such a pretty blue (almost cornflower blue, I think), and we know how much of a sucker I am for blue!

Favorite Book: I started and finished The Boys in the Boat (here) this month. It’s about the rowers in the US Olympic team that competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and it was a book that was recommended to me by my dad. It was really nice to read (and enjoy) something that he has read and enjoyed, since our book tastes rarely overlap (though they did with Harry Potter and The Boxcar Children)! A good read, even if you aren’t interested in rowing!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is really really really cute): Just in time for October, Halloween, and pumpkin carving, here are 19 super cute puppies posing with pumpkins!

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!