Five for Friday, Vol. 187 – Never Enough Navy

five for friday, never enough navy | Style On Target blog

I firmly believe that you can never have enough navy.

Navy skirts, navy dresses, navy sweaters, navy blazers, navy tees, navy blouses, navy accessories, and navy shoes. All of them and more, please.

So the next time you can’t find me in my closet…it’s because I’m swimming in all of my navy favorites…so what’s a few more going to hurt? Gap has some really great navy pieces right now, so I thought I’d showcase them (along with a few neutrals) to keep the navy love strong on this blog.

Because can you really have too much? ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 186 – Some Fine Summer Finds

five for friday some fine summer finds | Style On Target blog

Some fine summer finds on this rainy Friday for you fantastic people!

Because nothing says summer like tons of outdoor activities staying inside all weekend and online shopping (mainly because it plans to rain all weekend here)! At least these 5 things are pretty to look at!

Five for Friday, Vol. 185 – Fruit Salad

five for friday summer 2017 fruit prints | Style On Target blog

Slice the lemons, core the pineapple, and chop the strawberries. It’s time for a Five for Friday fruit salad!

You apparently can’t do summer lately without a heavy dose of fruit prints, so I’ve “picked” a few “fresh” pieces for you. You can now eat your Vitamin C and wear it out for the whole world to see!

p.s Bonus points for this whole feature from J.Crew and their summer fruit prints/pieces.
pps. Bonus BONUS points for this cute watermelon print tote!

Five for Friday, Vol. 184 – Easy Breezy

five for friday easy breezy | Style On Target blog

After experiencing true spring in Ireland for a week (hello rain and cooler temperatures), I’m embracing these warmer weather temperatures here in Indiana. Because it is a HECK of a lot warmer here!

Because of that (and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend next week….yesssssss), you could say that I have summer on the brain, which means it’s time for some easy, breezy pieces to take you to the beach to the BBQ to the block parties.

Five for Friday, Vol. 183 – Stay True to You

Five for Friday, Vol. 183 - Stay True to You | Style On Target blog

Ahhhh trends. Can’t live with them and sometimes can’t live without them. And sure an off-the-shoulder top here and a pair of super statement earrings there is good for sartorial creativity and, you know, looking current/stylish.

But at the end of the day, most of us really just want pieces that feel , fit, and look great. And also ones that can be remixed again and again with the rest of our closet.

And these 5 pieces are definitely true to the Style On Target color palette and pattern schemes, but all special enough to not look super boring time and time again. It’s a balance, but one that I’m excited to continue to try and master!

Plus, I just really really really like those striped shorts and scallop sandals! All the heart emojis for them!