Five for Friday, Vol. 177 – Spring for Spring

five for friday spring for spring | Style On Target blog

Picture yourself on the perfect spring day/outing (brunching, picking out goodies at a farmer’s market, shopping the outlet malls, etc.).

Now wouldn’t that activity look even better in this outfit? You know it would.

Time to spring for spring (and all its fun activities and wardrobe options)!

Five for Friday, Vol. 176 – Gimme the Gingham

five for friday gingham spring 2017 | Style On Target blog

It’s not officially spring, until I throw some gingham onto this blog.

So here I am doing my part to save humanity from winter. You can thank me later.

ps. This gingham cardigan is also a great piece for spring (and super affordable)!

Five for Friday, Vol. 175 – Luck of the Irish

five for friday Luck of the Irish | Style On Target blog

Top of the morning to ya and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to wear your green, watch out for leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, and always chase that pot of gold!

Or eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, enjoy corned beef for lunch, and drink green beer for dinner? That works too! ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 174 – Cut It Out!

five for friday cut it out trend | Style On Target blog

Cut. It. Out. (said in my best Uncle Joey impersonation a la Full House)

The cut-out trend is still going strong. There is really something for everyone out there, no matter if you prefer your cut-outs to be tiny, perforated styles or dramatic slits to sides/necklines!

I myself love all the pieces showcased today, because they’re all subtle design additions…though if I had to play favorites, I do love the perforated designs on those pretty pastel-colored wallets!

So cut it out? You got it, dude! (obviously said in my best Michelle Tanner voice ;))

ps. For a bonus item, check out this laser cut-out scallop tote that comes in 4 colors!

Five for Friday, Vol. 173 – #Whoops

Five for Friday, Vol. 173 - #Whoops | Style On Target blog spring 2017 finds

Today’s Five for Friday post was more like….Frantic for Friday.

Why? Because as of 9:30pm last night, there was no post! Because I forgot.


Soooooooo instead of some awesomely curated, gorgeous layout of a specific theme/trend (which you obviously get on a weekly basis from this post/blog, duh), you get this jumble of things that I really really really currently like (and may or may not need).

Which might be just as good…if not better, because these things look really pretty! Pretty enough to distract you, right?

Happy Friday?! ;)