Practice What You Preach


Today’s fun highlights:

  • This morning in the Five for Friday post (here), I told you all that cobalt blue and olive green make a great color combination, and I wouldn’t be a very good blogger, if I didn’t put that into action for you, so here you go! Cobalt blue and olive green in a real life outfit!
  • The Husband bought me a massage for our anniversary back in April, and I finally had it this week! So blissful and my shoulders really needed it! Then afterwards, we date-nighted to our favorite sushi spot! Am I lucky or what?
  • Working today, but then it is two full weeks of vacation! I don’t think I ever officially announced it here, but The Husband and I are off to explore five countries in Europe (Ireland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, and Austria). We’ve been planning and counting down the days, and it’s finally here! Can’t wait to get this journey started and share it with you when we get back!
  • You better believe today’s jacket (here) is coming with me to Europe. Worth its minor weight in gold! ;)
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for any “must dos” in those countries? Things to eat? Places to see?
  • Don’t worry…I worked my tail off, and you’ll have a full two weeks of posts…it’ll be like I wasn’t even missing! ;)
  • ps. Have all of you Taylor Swift fans downloaded Ryan Adams’s redo of “1989”? It’s on iTunes (here), and I. Love. It.

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


10 Things Tuesday (6.30.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. A little late, but better than never, I am over the moon with joy about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on marriage equality (and I don’t care who knows it)! I also loved all the “big brands” celebrating it on social media. Check out 32 of the best ones out there, and enjoy an extra dose of love today, will you?!
  2. Guh! All the emoji hearts for this dress. It’s the perfect summer dress: breezy, sleeveless, and remixable. I’m thinking about ordering it!
  3. Blogger love of the week: Loving this “sea bird” look on Rebecca from The Clothes Horse, and now I want to go to northern Ireland and buy a bunch of gingham headbands. #typical
  4. This cardigan comes in a bunch of great shades, but I love the styling of the “gray cloud print” one. Yes, please!
  5. I loved this article on why work (and a six-figure salary) aren’t everything, and I wish more of society would realize it!
  6. Be sure to check out the summer clearance sale going on at Nordstrom this week. I want this dress (blue and white forever) and this necklace (under $10!), please!
  7. The science behind wearing high heels…inspired by Jurassic Park! (Spoiler alert: it makes me want to reach for flats more often)
  8. I love this chevron/stripe dress because it looks like a tank and skirt combo, and I think it would be very versatile while still being just one piece to think about!
  9. Emma Watson is Taylor Swift’s newest best friend, and I absolutely need to be invited into the club right now.
  10. Rainbow plaid might be the prettiest way to describe a shirt ever. Kudos, Macy’s!


Oh, Happy, Happy Day!


Last year’s post on my birthday (totally not going to link to it…it’s a amazing how far this blog has come in a year and how LONG my hair has grown) was titled “Oh, Happy Day!” and I’m still pretty dang happy. Maybe even happier…gasp!

This is likely because I’m not in the middle of selling a house and buying a new one like I was this time last year (thank goodness…), so hence today’s post’s title. Plus, I’m having sangria (probably as you’re reading this), so what more could a girl ask for?

A new dress and a jean jacket? Yeah, I think that would work just fine…;)

ps. This gingham dress is amazing. It doesn’t look that great on the hanger, but trust me enough to try it on! I definitely recommend it for most body shapes, and trust me again when I say that you absolutely need a belt (either the string one that comes with it or one of your own) for it!


Pattern Play


Well, well, well. It’s clear now that Friday’s Five for Friday post from last week (here) was clearly a set up and the perfect segway to this outfit post, right?

Because it is a pattern palooza indeed up in here (up in here – channel your inner DMX). Last time I wore this skirt, it was a bit more subdue (see that look here – same necklace used though!). Nothing like a little mix of blue and white and florals and stripes to get your week going, right?

I had a great weekend, and I’m sad for it to come to a close, but I only have 9 more work days until our upcoming vacation to Portland and Seattle. We’re headed out there to celebrate a wedding for two friends, but we’re hoping to get our fill of the Northwest as well. Any recommendations or suggestions for us when we’re out there?!


Have Skirt, Will Ride Bikes


Today’s fun highlights:

Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Not a Friday off of work.
  • It’s suppose to rain tomorrow (and be chilly), and I thought we were going to get a chance to have a fire!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?