Sweatshirt Skirt


Is there anything better than a bike on your shirt? #sorrynotsorry if you’re sick of seeing bike apparel on this blog. It’s up there with stripes, polka dots, and Colts blue for me, aka always a winner and always in style.

Even if said shirt is baby pink. Which it is…and I still bought it!

Pure commitment, friends!


Book of Mormon Dress


Well, well, well. Hope you all had lovely long weekends!

Someone finally got around to posting photos from a million years ago (aka nearly 2.5 weeks) from the look that I wore to our viewing of the Book of Mormon here in Indianapolis. The tickets were my birthday gift from The Husband (we’re all about the “experience” presents), and I twisted his arm a little to get a little dressed up for a night on the town.

It was was sweltering hot that night, so a wrap dress ($10 when I scored this sucker from JCPenney back in February) was the perfect idea to keep me semi-cool. The graphic print makes it easy to wear on its own, but I think to remix it, I might need to try the old “tuck into another skirt” trick.

Challenge accepted.


  • On Target item: Merona Heeled Sandals (exact – and in 3 other colors too)
  • Purse: DKNY (thrifted for $25 bucks!; similar 1, similar 2; similar 3)
  • Dress: JCPenney (Winter/Spring 2014; options below)

Red, White, and Blue, and Stripes Too


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Happy Fourth of July!
  • Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks
  • Spending time with my parents for their Fourth of July fest
  • Hiking at Pokagon State Park with The Husband and The Puppy
  • Weekend trip to Bloomington, IN…my college town
  • My upcoming Honey Bee latte from FarmBloomington
  • My whole week of red, white, and blue posts was so much fun!
  • I want these shoes from Ann Taylor (and there is a crazy sale going on too, so dangerous combination)
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Nothing at all. Pumped about life right now!

Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy the fireworks and our great country!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Supply Co. Sandals (exact + other colors)
  • Sunglasses: Target (exact)
  • Long-sleeve Tee: Merona, Target (similar 1, similar 2)
  • Belt: Target (exact)
  • Purse: Mossimo, Target (exact – $11.54)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact – tall and short styles online too!)

Red, White, and Blue, and Chambray Too


Chambray is such a lovely invention. Kudos to whomever discovered this material/color/whatever it is considered. Sign my autograph book, please? It’s like Denim Lite, but better.

It also makes a crazy easy base for a patriotic outfit. Red, white, and chambray, anyone? I missed out on the chambray blazer that Loft had early this year, so I had to make up for it with these darling shorts (also a birthday present that apparently I didn’t include in my monthly budget recap…whoops).

Also, I thought my computer was broken for pretty much all of last night, so mad thanks to The Husband for doing his nerd thing and fixing my computer. Smooches to him.


Red, White, and Blue, and Patterns Too


There is nothing more Americana in my opinion than denim, and it makes a easy pair with red, white, and blue. Especially for some casual outfits, which is literally all I want to wear lately.

Plus, I could wear these sneakers. I bought gray sneakers because Kate Middleton has gray sneakers*.

*This theory could be applied to pretty much everything in my closet.