Black, Green, and Hydrangeas








Just stopping to smell the roses hydrangeas growing all over our area right now. Aren’t they gorgeous!? I felt super chic in this outfit, and per usual, it is the touch of accessories (including my favorite Merona tote) that makes me feel that way. I mean a black lace tee and green pants can only take you so far, but accessories…next level stuff.

Statement necklace? Check. Open toe booties? Check. Cognac colored tote? Check.


  • On Target item: Gold/Green Statement Necklace (exact – comes in gold/pink too)
  • Lace Top: J.Crew (thrifted, similar 1 (like almost exact), similar 2)
  • Pants: Old Navy (exact – LOVE them especially b/c they come in talls!)
  • Purse/Tote: Merona, Target (exact – see my review here)
  • Shoes: Candies, Kohl’s (present from The Husband; exact, similar 1, similar 2)

Casual Tribal Sweatshirt








Another casual look from this weekend! I’m feeling a lot more freedom on the weekend to come up with looks that don’t revolve around a pencil skirt or a pair of black dress pants (though I love both of those items and will continue to feature work wear looks on this blog).

Let’s face it though, few things beat an outfit that features a sweatshirt and slouchy boyfriend jeans. Comfort at it’s finest…plus, The Husband told me that I looked “cute and sporty.” Who doesn’t want to hear that?!

Key to these jeans? Buy a size or two up than you normally would, ignore the tag (because it doesn’t mean anything anyways), and wear them with everything!

ps. Yes, Mom…that is a teeny tiny bit of distressing on these jeans on the right side (my left). #sorrynotsorry :)


Weekend Wear










Ugh, Monday already? I spent my weekend buried in house stuff, but also managed to get out of the house for puppy walks (see here on Instagram), ice cream (Handel’s, you’ll always have my heart), and trips to Target to buy this dress (hello summer and very first maxi dress!). It was a little chilly here on Friday and Saturday, so I’m glad that I always have my sweaters available to slip on (example, see above for Saturday’s outfit).

I also cleaned out my overflowing closet, gave away some items, sold some other items to the local resale shop (cha-ching!), and kind of got pumped to mix and max some more with my own closet items. This is great, since I was overwhelmed with how much stuff I actually own and realized that I need very few items to make a well-rounded working closet (whoopsies). I’m going to try to keep that in mind the next time I’m in “dire need” to purchase something.

p.s. Anyone interested in doing a “Week of Skirts” hosting with me soon? I have SO many skirts to wear for the second (or even first) time that I would love to have a friend to go through this with! Let me know!


How to Wear Golf Shorts When Not On the Golf Course







So I got these shorts thrifting last year. I loved them because STRIPES! I took them home and tried to make some outfits out of them and BONUS, they’re golf shorts with super awesome and deep pockets.

Sometimes I have trouble wearing sporty gear out in public and not feeling like I’m headed to the gym or in this case, the golf course. Ways I’ve found to combat that: pair the sporty item with black, add a non-athletic shoe (no sneakers, my friends), and add chic accessories (awesome red bag, anyone?).

Bing, bam, boom. But seriously, do you have any other tips?


Jean Jacket Weekend








Thanks to Lowe’s for the beautiful brick background in today’s post…though it was an awkward few minutes while I took my photos.

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last day of this CRAZY work week
  • Starting the process of getting our house ready for a sell/move is going to be better than I thought after meeting with our realtor last night!
  • Cajun tots for dinner? Okay with me!
  • Gorgeous weather (welcome spring/summer)
  • Wedding weekend for D + K! Super excited to celebrate with them!
  • Road trip coffees (and gummy bears for The Husband)
  • Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (but especially MY mom and my grandma, who read this blog daily)!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Driving to Illinois (though I will enjoy it when I’m there)!

Hope you all get to soak up the sunshine this weekend! The Husband is a groomsman in a wedding for his college roommate this weekend, so we’re off to enjoy some Illinois time! What are you up to?!