Surprise Sale with Loft

loft surprise sale

Have you guys heard? There is a HUGE surprise sale going on at right now (online only)! I had another post scheduled for today, but this was too good not to share!

So stop, drop, and roll, folks!

1. There’s FREE shipping on ALL orders (using code “SNAILMAIL”). Which means you can get that dress you want (or maybe my favorite jeans here) without adding on another blouse, sweater, and t-shirt to your order to get it over the $125 normal free shipping limit. This happens like four times a year maybe….so I’m definitely taking advantage of it.

2. Everything is 40% off, and select few items are 60% off (like my favorite cardigan!).

3. Everything is on sale. Yes, new arrivals (like this polka dot shirt that would be perfect for work and weekend). Yes, Lou & Grey. Yes, everything (even the sale stuff is on sale!)!

So go ahead and finish your holiday shopping for your Loft lovers, and I won’t tell if you manage to sneak a few things for yourself under the tree! I’ve got my eye on this adorable sweater (so festive), so I might be doing some holiday shopping of my own!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Budget Version

Aka…what’s a good buy and won’t break the bank during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

Sorry if you were looking for my travel post on Guemes Island, because you’re getting something completely different today, and it’s honestly better (because I wore the same dress that I wore in yesterday’s post with these sandals and this pearl statement necklace to the wedding).


So sure, you AND I have read a million and one posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but you haven’t read this budget-friendly, Target-prices-rule blogger’s version. I originally told myself I wasn’t going to do one of these, because every single other style blogger does one. However, after I got tricked into clicking on someone’s link for an $800 coat (because that is never, ever, ever getting in my closet), I decided that I would do one, but only if I was thinking of similar-budgeted ladies when I was doing it. So here it is, broken down into price ranges for you, so hopefully it is fairly transparent*!

*Just a reminder, I make a few cents per click you make through ShopStyle Collective, just so I’m being even more transparent!




UNDER $100

ps. Sale prices are good through sell out of stock or through August 3 when the sale ends, so don’t dally!

Super Sole Society Sale

**How many “S’s” can I get into a post title? ;) Probably more, but four will have to do for today!

I’ve been really loving Sole Society items lately. Every new pair of shoes they launch seems to make their way onto my wishlist (or more accurately into a Five for Friday post – see ’em here). They have a great variety of items (heels, flats, boots, purses, sunglasses, scarves, etc.) and a even better variety of styles (preppy, classic, bohemian, sporty, etc.), so there’s definitely something there for you. I personally love their heels, but I recently just ordered this pair of tassel ankle boots to try out for this upcoming fall/winter!

They’re currently having a summertime sale (up to 60% off), but don’t be fooled by the “summertime” portion of that sale title…they’ve included ankle boots, flats, purses, and more along with the typical summer sandals and sunglasses. The sale ends Tuesday, so be sure to pounce on the items that you want!

So are you adding anything to your summer wishlist? Or maybe you just want this perfect fox print scarf that sadly is not on sale…or maybe that’s just me? ;)

ps. Speaking of things that ARE on sale, don’t forget about the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (here) which features fall items on sale. It’s one of the only times that you can get a sale on seasonal items before the season even occurs! Nordstrom Reward Members can start purchasing today, while the rest of us have to wait until July 17th.

Sneak Peek Into Fall

Sure the summer season is in full swing (I mentioned that in yesterday’s post), but the Indiana weather has been fluctuating from blazing hot to rainy and chilly (like 60 degrees in July, chilly), which makes me look forward to fall (best season EVER).

Fall, oh glorious fall.

And you know what August (and apparently early July) brings into stores? Fall clothing, which Old Navy has trickling into its online stock. Ankle boots, cozy cardigans, dark jewel shades, etc. They’re all there (just click on the item you like)! Plus today until 3:00pm, you can use the code TICKTOCK to get an extra 35% off most items!

But you’re thinking, hold on a second, Katie. I just got these new shorts, and I haven’t worn all of my sundresses yet. Well, I’m certainly not telling you to put them away, but a good wardrobe can slowly ease in and out of seasons.

Try your sundress with a pair of ankle boots or your shorts with a felt hat. Add a cardigan to your tank top for those cool summer mornings (or workplace environments…am I the only one who has to wear sweaters to the office?). It’s all about making your pieces fall together (pun intended)!

And bring on the football (only 9 Sundays until it is back)!

ps. Speaking of fall, today starts Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (here) which features fall items on sale. It’s one of the only times that you can get a sale on seasonal items before the season even occurs! Nordstrom Reward Members can start purchasing today, while the rest of us have to wait until July 17th. Can’t wait to see what’s on sale!