Simply Stripey

snow shoes

Snowy and super windy Tuesdays call for a new favorite closet item (and tights…I didn’t forget them today, unlike last week – high five me)! This striped skirt from Target has been featured multiple times on this blog in non-outfit posts, and I finally got around to purchasing it and wearing it. It is probably the most comfortable skirt I own (super stretchy and super soft), and I’m obsessed with the navy and cobalt blue mixture.

I paired it with tights, loafer pumps, and a neutral sweater for a fairly simple look for work today, and I can think of many, many different ways to remix this skirt. I especially can’t wait to rock it on a summer weekend with a graphic tee and flats.

Still working on Nicole at VV Boutique Style’s January Blackout Challenge for the next two weeks. Today’s look successfully passes the test!

ps. Yes, my necklace has safari animals on it, and yes it is beyond awesome. Thank you!

pps. Don’t worry dear readers, my dad definitely made fun of me for my “dad joke” in yesterday’s post. He told me to keep my day job, which I reported to today. Thanks Dad!


  • On Target item: Merona Skirt (exact)
  • Sweater: Old Navy (exact)
  • Necklace: thrifted (similar)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – these are Xavier Navy)
  • Pumps: St. John’s Bay, JCPenney (old; similar and these too)

Seeing Spots (And Snow!)

More snow guys, and I was totally not prepared for it. I actually left the house this morning with no tights on. I have no idea what I was thinking…this is the middle of January after all. The running joke at work today was my bare legs and that I had to go home during lunch to change.

Jokes on all of them, though! These tights are the best sweater tights ever! Super warm and sleek (though they do attract dog hair). To be honest though, I like this outfit better with bare legs. So spring, get here soon.

ps. Yes, The Fiance called me “Snow Leopard” this morning. No, he’s not very creative with his nicknames ;).


  • On Target item: Merona Sweatshirt (from Spring 2013; similar)
  • Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (old; similar)
  • Necklace: Forever 21 + random chain to make it longer (old; similar)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – I have on “Black Rib” but now want all the others too!)
  • Ankle Boots: Old Navy (exact)

Polka Dot Skirt

Dreary Tuesday here in Indiana, so what better way to brighten up the day with a colorful necklace from a European street market (Pisa, Italy to be exact) and a polka dot skirt from a major US retailer (cough Target cough)? There is something about polka dots that make me very happy. It could be their sporadic placement or the fact that they make even business wear seem fun. They’re probably my favorite pattern ever (or is it stripes…don’t make me choose)!

This skirt from Target is an “old” stand by. I think it was for sale in spring 2013. It looks way more expensive than it was, and I am obsessed with the Merona pencil skirts. They are super great quality for the price (usually lined and sturdy fabrics), which is just how I like my work wear.


CopyCat!, Vol. 4: Snowed Out

Inspiration from White House Black Market website

Finally back at work today after this polar vortex pretty much shut down the state of Indiana. We (The Fiance, The Puppy, and I) were all pretty much going crazy not being able to leave the house, so it was nice to get back to a normal schedule today!

I haven’t done a CopyCat! post recently, so I figured I would work one in this week, since it is back to business casual at work this week, and I needed a little motivation to be back in non-jeans/pajamas. The inspiration photo is from White House Black Market, and it helped me mix my Target turtleneck with my new-to-me tweed skirt (which was on my 2014 Wishlist, success!). I added in my red tights again, since I’m obsessed with them now and finished the look off with a mixed-metals necklace. Pretty good for a “Monday,” since this is my first day back in the office.

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pps. You guys should see the outtakes from today’s shoot. Price. Less.


  • On Target item: Merona Turtleneck Sweater (exact, similar)
  • Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft (old, similar)
  • Skirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted and fulfills my tweed skirt wish, similar)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact)
  • Ankle boots: Mossimo, Target (exact)

Copycat!: A Pony for Christmas

Outfit Inspiration from: Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project


DSC02448*Copycat! is a feature where I try to recreate outfits I find on Pinterest (or various other sources of inspiration), utilizing at least one item from Target.

Third time for a Copycat! This inspiration comes from Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project, which is actually one of the few shows that I regularly watch (though on Hulu). This sweater is so cute, but so little kid-ish (mainly because I plucked it from the girls department of Old Navy), so I was having a hard time figuring out how to wear it to work. Who else, but the hilarious Mindy, could pair together a horse graphic shirt and still look business appropriate, which is exactly what I wanted to do with this sweater this morning! I took the cutesy-ness of this sweater up a notch with the polka dot tights (which might have seen their last day, since I think they have a run in them…sad face), and have already gotten tons of compliments from people at work. Boom…real life compliments are day makers!

How would you rock this sweater in real life? Old Navy’s Instagram also featured this sweater on their feed today. I’m such a trendsetter, hah!

ps. I’m already sick of winter. And snow. And wearing tights. Get ready for a long winter season of me complaining about the cold and trying to make blankets fashionable. Just what you wanted to hear right?


  • On Target item: Mossimo Skirt (purchased in October 2013, but appears to be sold out; similar style in a cool print)
  • Sweater: Old Navy (exact)
  • Statement Necklace (H&M, old)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (here)
  • Shoes: Old Navy (here)