Jean Jacket Weekend








Thanks to Lowe’s for the beautiful brick background in today’s post…though it was an awkward few minutes while I took my photos.

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last day of this CRAZY work week
  • Starting the process of getting our house ready for a sell/move is going to be better than I thought after meeting with our realtor last night!
  • Cajun tots for dinner? Okay with me!
  • Gorgeous weather (welcome spring/summer)
  • Wedding weekend for D + K! Super excited to celebrate with them!
  • Road trip coffees (and gummy bears for The Husband)
  • Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (but especially MY mom and my grandma, who read this blog daily)!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Driving to Illinois (though I will enjoy it when I’m there)!

Hope you all get to soak up the sunshine this weekend! The Husband is a groomsman in a wedding for his college roommate this weekend, so we’re off to enjoy some Illinois time! What are you up to?!


Shady Lady

target embellished shirt

target embellished sweatshirt and jeans

shady lady

What’s up 57 degree weather? Nice to meet you. You make for a fine opportunity for a dog walk with iced coffee. Someone remind me to not take my blog photos with a hat and shades again. It makes me look like I’m either 1.) a super shady individual or 2.) Burt Macklin, FBI agent (Parks and Rec anyone?).

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Seeing this hat on Merrick (from Merrick’s Art, she’s amazing) and running to your local Target an hour later and finding it on clearance
  • The embellished sweatshirt I’m wearing above (I’m going to wear mine into the ground…today’s look was casual, but I have a post coming Monday with it dressed up…get excited!)
  • Chicken curry salad + pretzel rolls from Whole Foods
  • Vegan (no sugar added) chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods (I’m not vegan, but these are the BEST ever)
  • Warm weather and puppy walks
  • Dressing room try-ons for Instagram (gotta follow me here for these)
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Sad news from a friend
  • Said friend being too far away to hug

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We’re off to Turkey Run State Park tomorrow to hang out with The Fiance’s parents! Hiking, here we come!


  • On Target item: Xhilaration Embellished Sweatshirt (exact – $8 guys)
  • Hat: Target (exact)
  • Shades: Old Navy (super old; similar)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact – tall and short styles online too!)
  • Sneakers: C9 by Champion (exact – from the men’s dept.; don’t judge me ;) )