Red, White, and Striped


Please tell me that you guys have heard Taylor Swift’s new song (if not, click here)? After Monday’s post (here), it’s not a surprise to you that I’ve listen to it maybe 100,000 times.

I listened to it maybe 20,000 times before The Husband said enough was enough, so then I got headphones. Tricky Trickster right here.

I’ve probably worn this dress about as many times I have listen to the new song, but this is the first time it’s appeared on the blog. Fail me. But now you get to see it! Congrats!


Black Ikat + Birks!


So good news/bad news situation here on a Monday. The bad news: I got (fake) Birks. The good news? I got (fake) Birks and love them. I lived in them pretty much all weekend at the lake (had a blast by the way).

I love the vibe (casual, obviously) that they bring to any outfit. Sleeveless shirt? Class it down a bit with Birks and a casual bag. Striped tee dress? Take it down a notch with some Birks.

I’m obsessed, so watch out friends! But be honest, do you love them or hate them?


  • On Target item: Merona Black Sleeveless Blouse (exact – I own it in black and white…and you should too!)
  • Sunglasses: Target (Summer 2014 – SUPER similar)
  • Purse: Mossimo, Target (exact – $11.54)
  • Belt: Mossimo Supply Co., Target (old; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Shorts: Old Navy (Summer 2013 – see ikat short options below!)
  • Birks: Topshop (exact)

Purple Pineapple

DSC059281DSC059291DSC059251DSC059451I don’t have a ton of purple in my wardrobe, so when I saw this skirt on Loft’s website, I knew it would be a useful piece in my closet (since I have nothing like it)!

It’s such a fun and flirty skirt, so I thought it would look great paired up with the pineapple buttondown that everyone on Instagram owns! I added the pompom belt that’s been on repeat since I got it (forgot to add it to July’s budget!) for an additional fun feel.

How do you feel about purple? It was my high school’s main color (go Lions!), so I think that’s what made me shy away from it (since I was in purple all the time for school teams/organizations).


Frumpy Shorts


These. Shorts.

The Husband is not a fan. My mom is probably going to say that they are not flattering. And still, I had to have them (such is life). But I dare you to try them on and say that they aren’t the most comfortable shorts ever.

Double dog dare you!

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Finishing up packing!
  • Day off of work.
  • Treating myself to a fun breakfast (complete with coffee)
  • See my parents and in-laws this weekend (because they are super gracious with their time and/or love moving boxes…one of the two?)
  • Getting to live in our very own house that we picked out together as a new couple! Our old house was one that I owned before meeting The Husband.
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Finishing up packing.

Happy weekend, friends! Think of me moving boxes (I promise to stop complaining about it next week…when it is over), while you enjoy whatever you are doing!


Ridiculously Simple


I wore this lovely little number out last week for date night, which was at Bagger Daves (make your own burger combos for the win), and I’m obsessed with simple, but ridiculous outfits lately. Plus, this little bag is way too cute!

Most of the time, I think my closet could be viewed as classic and almost preppy (I have a stripe addiction, sue me!), but the way I put together outfits wouldn’t lead you to think that always.

Someday (when I’m an uber famous blogger), I’ll give away my secret to what I feel makes an outfit a winning combination, but for now you’ll have to be satisfied with the term “ridiculously simple,” which this outfit definitely fits in.