Target Review: Merona Cognac Tote Handbag

Target Merona tote bag review

Merona Cognac Tote Handbag Purse

cognac tote handbag

cognac tote bag

So I haven’t done a Style on Target Review in a few months, but I definitely have a few coming up. The last two have been the C9 by Champion softshell jacket (post here) and the Merona Oxford Blazer (here), which I wear allll the time.

Madewell versus Target tote bag

This Target Review item is one of my favorite purchases in quite some time. I’m sure you have seen every style blogger ever sport the Madewell Transport Tote (on the left, see it here), which is gorgeous, classic, real soft leather, and a cool $168. On the right is my Target version, which sells for $35 (here; though there is always an option of a sale, which there was when I picked mine up).

I had been lusting over the Madewell tote for about two months, and every day it seemed like a new style blogger that I loved had purchased the bag. I don’t use bags enough to spend that much money on something, so I had been scoping out places (coughTargetcough) for a good duplicate, and this was IT.


  • Roomy tote shape
  • Exact same cognac color as the Madewell tote (beautiful color in both)
  • Zips close (which the Madewell one doesn’t)
  • Sturdy handle strapes
  • Bonus removable crossbody strap (this is how I like to wear purses anyways, so I am glad this one can be worn both ways)
  • Exterior zip pockets (perfect for keeping stuff in)
  • Interior pockets (two open, one zip)
  • Price point (under $50)
  • Real-ish leather looking (though it is 100% polyurethane)
  • Color choices (comes in this black too)


  • Slightly droopy
  • Not real leather (this has more to do with my budget, not the bag)

Overall, I love this bag, and can’t wait to use it all the time! Check it out here: Merona Tote.

*For full outfit details, refer to Tuesday’s post.


Target Review: Merona Oxford Blazer








*Another blog feature will be reviews of “foundation/essential” pieces. These, in a sense, will be your investment pieces (though they don’t have to be at investment prices) as opposed to your trend pieces. So staples versus fads?

This Style on Target Review is for this navy oxford blazer from the Merona brand, mainly because I realized on Tuesday (when I wore it!) what a true staple this blazer is for me. First of all, everyone and their best friend has this jacket in at least one color/pattern. It is truly flattering on a lot of body types (also comes in petites and plus sizes online) and provides some structure and some layering interest when worn. A good navy blazer can really be a staple for everyone as it lends itself well to casual wear, business wear, and even can be used for “going out” outfits. Truth be told, I have this jacket in several colors and various patterns, but navy is the one I love the most. Classic, practical, and neutral enough to go with everything.

I’ve previously mentioned that I got a lot of these blazers using Cartwheel coupons and weekly ad markdowns. This blazer normally is $34.99, which is by no means cheap, but when you compare it to its J. Crew twin (running for $198 – for one more button), it makes it look a lot better (at least in my eyes right now, I am sure the J. Crew quality is beyond comparison).  

Check it out online at the above link or in store!


  • Price
  • Fit and size selection
  • Fully lined blazer
  • Color choices: comes in this navy, gray (also seen on the blog), red, dark red, green, black, tan, pink, and various patterns)
  • Patterned cuff lining (gives it a fun element)
  • Colored collar lining (see that yellow pop of color under the collar, so cute and unexpected)
  • Real pockets (that are sewn shut, but can be opened and utilized!)
  • Able to be laundered at home (whomp whomp dry cleaning is for adults!)


  • To get the right fit in the torso, I have to sacrifice length in the arms. This is fair enough, because I am 5’9″ and wearing a size 6 in this blazer. It is also okay, in my opinion, because I get to show off the cuff lining.
  • The one button is pretty boring (would prefer gold or silver or solid dome button, instead of the flat tortoise shell).
  • Definitely attract and shows dog hair (thanks to my dog Cooper!)

ps. Mad props to The Fiancé for taking the photos of me in this post and Monday and Wednesday’s outfit post. Even though I ate a lot of your salsa, yesterday. Whoops.

Target Review: C9 by Champion Softshell Jacket






Another new blog feature (the whole blog is new, which means I need new ideas?) will be reviews of “foundation/essential” pieces. These, in a sense, will be your investment pieces (though they don’t have to be at investment prices) as opposed to your trend pieces. So staples versus fads?

First up on the docket for a Style on Target Review is this black softshell jacket from C9 by Champion. I had been wanting a fall/spring weight jacket that was longer in length and was made of the softshell material. Oh, and it HAD to have a hood. I was willing to spend around $100 for it, since I knew I would be wearing it a ton. I looked all over – online and in-stores – and couldn’t ever find what I was looking for. I just happened to be in Target and stumbled upon the beaut in the athletic/C9 by Champion section. I couldn’t try it on fast enough.

It was EVERYTHING that I was looking for, so I took it home…for 50 BUCKS! Score me.

I’ve worn it pretty much nonstop since then, and I am trying to sneak a few more wears out of it, before the weather turns on me. Check it out online at the above link or in store!


  • Hood (hugely necessary for me, as I hate being rained on, but also hate carrying an umbrella)
  • Warm enough for both winter and spring (lined and I got it big enough to wear another thin jacket underneath if need be)
  • Exterior zip pockets (perfect for keeping stuff in)
  • Double zipper (allows for zipping up and parting bottom for walking)
  • Softshell fabric (thick and wind/water resistant)
  • Sleeves are cut at an angle, which is a cool feature
  • Paneling on jacket gives a slim look
  • Color choices (comes in this black, light gray, purple, charcoal, and teal – so pretty and I almost got this color)
  • Price


  • Honestly none at this time!