10 Things Tuesday (2.3.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. This video was so heartwarming. My grandma posted it on Facebook, and it is totally worth a watch. We all need to make time to open some doors!
  2. Blogger love of the week: I recently just discovered Kelly in the City and am head over heels for this casual, cool look. Midwest bloggers are the best (she’s Chicago based now)!
  3. Merona has the best bags this spring season! Three words: gingham print crossbody.
  4. This quick article was the perfect read on tips on tackling the dressing room and getting the perfect fit. I loved tip #4, because it made me think about how many times I do just that!
  5. Hello, my office...and yes, I’m that girl that has a blanket under my desk. Fun fact: my co-workers call it my cape.
  6. For anyone looking for a good fit and flare dress (like my navy or red one), this dress appears to be a good option and comes in a lot of great colors!
  7. Oh Budweiser, you and your dog ads just get me…one of my favorite Superbowl commercials! What was you favorite?
  8. This bag is too cute for words. Looks like a radio…and sounds like a radio (because it has REAL working speakers). Genius, Betsey, genius.
  9. I so needed this in my life: 6 Podcasts to Fill Your Serial Void (thanks Jess)!
  10. Sailboat sweaters are what dreams are made of!


  • On Target item: Merona Key Print Sweater (old; similar options below)
  • Necklace: Forever 21 (super old; super similar)
  • Skirt: Old Navy (Fall 2014; super similar)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (Fall 2014; similar options)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – and on sale!)
  • Heels: Merona, Target (exact)

10 Things Tuesday (1.20.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. 15 puppies seeing snow for the first time! (Grandma and Grandpa…there’s a basset!)
  2. Speaking of puppies, it is taking everything in me not to order this sweater…mainly because that would bring the count up to FOUR dog sweaters!
  3. Does anyone have $180 that I can have to buy this bag? Okay? Thanks!
  4. This story was adorable! The wife surprises the husband with baby news in a photo booth! Too cute!
  5. Recipe of the week: I have an unhealthy obsession with Indian food…specifically curries and chicken tikka masala, so this recipe looks delicious and doable!
  6. These little animal cartoons (from Liz Climo, an animator from The Simpsons) are adorable and funny!
  7. This is EXACTLY how I feel about this word! It’s my least favorite word, I think, in the English language. Anyone else want to admit their least favorite word?
  8. Will I look like a 6-year-old if I buy these shades? Because, I’m okay with that?
  9. This Instagram account is hilarious. I mean, I can’t even! ;)
  10. Weekends ARE for waffles! You said it, t-shirt!


  • On Target item: Merona Yellow Crossbody Purse (exact = mini version, but they also have it in a larger size too; these have the BEST reviews and I was excited to get one from my parents for Christmas)
  • Blazer: Merona, Target (Fall 2013; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Dress: Loft (old; similar options below)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – and on sale!)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (sold out online; similar 1, similar 2)

10 Things Tuesday (1.13.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. If you have not listened to Serial (yes, I just finished, and yes, I’m way behind the times), then you need to…so we can talk about it!
  2. I’m also recently obsessed with The Clothes Horse, a blog that my bestie, B, told me about. It’s a great mix of vintage and budget-friendly stores, and I can’t get over Rebecca’s amazing photography. I’ve never seen blog photos like hers! I’m currently reading through her archives, which in my opinion, is the best compliment you can give a blogger.
  3. Any bets on whether this dress (in the cream print) would be long enough for me? Because other than that…it is perfect (for both winter and spring)!
  4. 20% of the year, this comic is how I feel about living in Indiana.
  5. Recipe of the week: I’ve been craving chicken noodle soup (all soup really) lately, so I might just have to try to make my own some day this week.
  6. These ladies are NOT happy about the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration at Target (but I am!). I’m not sure they really understand the word “classy.”
  7. This midi skirt will be mine before spring hits. Mark my words.
  8. Want to know why super successful people (aka Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg) wear the same thing every. single. day? The answer is simplicity. You won’t see that here (how awkward would that style blog be?), but it is super interesting.
  9. Dads Acting Like Fashion Bloggers on Instagram. I should be offended, but I can’t stop laughing long enough to feel that way.
  10. This shirt kills me…I like/love/know football, and I still want it! Perfect for this time of year (National Football League playoffs)!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Supply Co. Red/Black Flannel Shirt (exact – from the Men’s dept!; similar women options below)
  • Beanie: Old Navy (Fall 2014; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Vest: Rafaella (exact)
  • Watch: Timex (gift from The Husband; exact)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Socks: Target (Winter 2013; similar)
  • Boots: LL Bean (thrifted; super similar)

10 Things Tuesday (1.6.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet (and the best things so far in 2015!):

  1. Hello, adorable striped purse!
  2. WordPress taught me how to change my blog icon, aka that giant red dot that you see up by the tab that you’re viewing this website on. I’m terrible with blogging code, but this was super easy.
  3. How neat is this floral typography? So detailed and so pretty!
  4. I have a million jackets, but this striped trench is perfection.
  5. Taylor Swiftmas: I mean how much better can she get!?
  6. An interesting take on how sitcoms are written (and how formulaic they are). Long read, but very insightful (my brother would love this) about some of our favorite TV shows!
  7. One of my best friends, C, gave me a candle from Bath and Body Works (apparently from her secret stash closet, because she’s a hoarder of Bath and Body Works products), and it’s amazing! It’s called London Calling, smells like tea and lemon, and is apparently now discontinued! The horror! I found some on Amazon (here) and eBay (here), but there’s only a few out there! Bring it back, Bath and Body Works!
  8. Buffalo chicken dip is my best/worst friend. Delicious, but addicting, and perfect for football watching and/or parties!
  9. This look is perfect for spring. I hope I can replicate it come April/May, but it will have to be a no coffee, no marina sauce, and no red wine day.
  10. They’re announcing the next Target and designer collection today…I can’t wait to see who it is!


  • On Target item: Merona Red Crossbody Purse (old; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Coat: Kohl’s (exact)
  • Sweater: The Limited (Winter 2014; similar options below, since we all know I love me some dog sweaters)
  • Watch: Merona, Target (exact)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Boots: Corso Como (Fall 2014; similar 1, similar 2)

10 Things For the End of the Year


Happy New Year’s Eve, friends!

I love (and admire) those posts from other bloggers where they recap things that they’ve seen/read throughout the week, so I thought I’d try to incorporate that on my blog in my own way. Mainly, because I’m always online in some capacity, but also because there is so much to share!

Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet (and just in time for the New Year!):

  1. Taylor Swift and I are equally obsessed with this cover. Absolutely lovely!
  2. This post by Fran (and the thoughtful comments that follow). I love real bloggers, especially Fran, so this post was a treat to read!
  3. My go-to-cookie recipe…can’t go wrong with these.
  4. These bow flats and the gray flannel version of these shoes are my wishlist (which ps. my 2015 Wishlist – see 2014’s here – should be up next week).
  5. Going to try to put these 8 simple things to mind in the coming new year. 2014, you were magical and wonderful, and hopefully 2015 will be as well.
  6. Speaking of 2015, you think that The Husband will let me paint my side of the office like this?
  7. I would never believe you if you told me this statement necklace was under $10 (use code EXTRA10 to get 10% off)!
  8. A quick look at this video confirms that this planet and this year were memorable (thanks for showing us that, Google)!
  9. How gorgeous does Kendi look in this fair isle sweater? I pinned both looks and may have ordered the sweater (here) for myself. Whoops.
  10. And to get you grooving into 2015, be sure to check out this mashup of 2014 hit songs. I look forward to this guy’s end-of-the-year mix every year!

Let me know if you all like this style of post! It’s fun to share all the fun stuff!

I’m off now to finish cleaning the house in prep for our party this evening! Stay safe, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Happy New Year!


  • On Target item: Cliche Houndstooth Sweater (super soft and a gift from my in-laws; extra 10% off today with code EXTRA10!)
  • Beanie: Old Navy (sold out online; super similar)
  • Button Down Blouse (under sweater): Merona, Target (Summer 2014; super similar)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (exact – and in brown here)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (gift from The Husband, because I wear my brown ones ALL the time; similar 1, similar 2))