Bad to the (Herring)Bone


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Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Bedrock Blues


Someone help me out here. The pattern on this skirt is called “bedrock.” I don’t even know what that means! Check out other items (beyond this skirt) in this print here.

I have to admit that I didn’t love the print initially, but then I tried on the skirt one day during my lunch break. Game changer. The skirt is the perfect length for me (without having to order tall sizing), and it has pockets! Pockets, you guys! Plus, it is navy and white, so I figured it would work with the majority of my closet.

But I wanted to wait until it went on sale (because Loft ALWAYS has sales), so I didn’t buy it during my lunch break (such willpower, I know). Well, the next day, Loft had a flash sale, which is my kryptonite. This skirt ended being $18 (after being $70 originally)!

Booyah. Win for Katie!

But I guess I still don’t know what bedrock means, so we’ll call it a draw, m’kay, Loft?


Focus On What You Love


Inspired by this adorable Kate Spade iPhone case that I just HAD TO HAVE (it says “focus on what you love” on the lens part!) from my trip to the Louisville outlets, here is a list of some of the things I love (people excluded, even though I love some of them too!).

And after getting done reading my super cool list, you should leave some of your favorite things in the comments, so I can learn more about YOU! :)

Here we go! Target shopping trips, coffee, bikes, brunch, spring weather, my new J.Crew field jacket (on super sale now – use code SPRINGSTYLE), s’mores, polka dots, going on walks with The Husband, diet lemonade from Chick-fil-a, the color blue, breakfast for dinner, stripes, outlet malls, Instagram, good books, vacations, and traveling.

Oh and who could forget this face (Cooper!)…


Now it’s your turn!


Fall Capsule #1: Polka Party


Let’s get festive for one of our last looks from the capsule collection! I wanted to get some more fancy outfits on here, but let’s face it. I never do anything fancy. We normally have a Christmas party to attend this time of year for my work, but somehow, the Party Planning Committee completely bailed on it (ps. it’s their only event) and had a minor Happy Hour event after work one day.

Not. A. Party. Friends.

So basically, this is my What-I-Would-Have-Worn-To-My-Non-Existent-Christmas-Party outfit….and I only wore it in my backyard for a party for two (me and Cooper, not me and The Husband in case you were wondering).


Outfit 72

  • On Target item: Merona Polka Dot Coat (exact – and on sale!)
  • Lip Color: Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain (exact; love these, this one is “Romantic”)
  • Necklace: Target (Winter 2013; similar 1similar 2)
  • Dress: Merona, Target (similar options below)
  • Purse: DKNY, thrifted (similar 1, similar 2)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – plus 9 other colors!)
  • Ankle Boots: Mossimo, Target (similar 1, similar 2)

Fall Capsule #1: Stripe Dress – Quirky


So this little stripe dress hadn’t made its way out of the capsule collection yet, but it was a work horse this past week. I wore it two different ways, and we all know that stripes are a workhorse, so what better time to feature it than in one of these two looks post.

This is how I wore it on my day off last Friday. I had done some errand running around town (including visiting my trusty thrift shop), and just wanted an easy simple look that was still fun. This look fulfilled that!

Stripes paired with a fun complimentary color combo? Count me in.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I take this from Zooey Deschanel quirky (love her, love New Girl) to urban girl cool.

ps. Happy Birthday to the lovely B! She’s the best and deserves the best of birthday celebrations!


Outfit 42

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