Aqua Blue and Navy Stripes Too

aqua sweater and stripe scarf with cords

target sweater and scarf stripe


scarf knot stripe

Target sweater and stripe scarf

Target aqua sweater and stripe scarf

aqua Merona sweater and navy stripe scarf


Fun fact, I used to take Taekwondo classes and was a black belt in like sixth grade. I don’t practice anymore, but I can almost do white belt form (the first one you learn) and can still rock kicks like anyone’s businesses. I think most of my good upbringing was a result of my parents and their parenting techniques, but I definitely owe some of my lessons in respect and patience to Taekwondo.

So there’s one thing you didn’t know about me…

What’s something a lot of people wouldn’t know about YOU by just looking at you?


Snaky Stripes + Stripe Skirt Remix

yellow shirt and black and white Merona Target skirt with snakeskin pumps

stripe skirt and yellow shirt

snakeskin Target heels pumps

yellow blouse, black and white stripe Target skirt

snakeskin pumps with stripe skirt

Holy cats, I mixed stripes with snakeskin today and loved it! How great is this skirt that it looks good with everything? Even a blouse that I thrifted a while back that might be too big now (still going to wear it tucked in folks, sorry ’bout ya)!?

Here are three ways that I have worn this skirt, and seriously, I have like a mountain of ideas for how to continue to wear it. Stripes are so versatile for me, and the black and white color combo makes it so easy. I’m planning on wearing this skirt forever! Which one is your favorite look?

Target stripe skirt remix

Any other ideas on how to style it in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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Copycat!, Vol. 5: Olivia Palermo

olivia palermo snow leopard copycat look

black snow leopard skirt dress and white sweater

black and white skirt and white cable knit sweater

white cable sweater

snow leopard skirt and cable sweater

snow leopard dress and cable white sweater

We should probably just rename this blog to “Katie Steals All of Olivia’s Looks” but that is not quite as catchy as Style On Target is it? It’s been forever and a day since my last Copycat! post, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to recreate my favorite Olivia Palermo outfit of all time! I was doing a little closet cleaning recently (this NEVER happens) and found that I had all the pieces to recreate the look. Booyah!

My snow leopard “skirt” is actually a dress, but that’s the great option about dresses. They’re awesome on their own (it took me a while to figure this out, my friend B had to show me the way). Some can be tucked into skirts to be worn as a “top”, and some can have sweaters/shirts over top and can become “skirts”, just like this one.

While my sweater isn’t quite the awesome chunkiness, turtleneck that Olivia is working, I think it works better on my frame, since I am not quite as petite as her. I think I nailed the look (for way less), what about you?


On New Clothing Items…

green Old Navy cargo pants, Loft scallop tee, Target blazer

green cargo pants and black blazer

green cargo pants, black blazer, black and white scallop tee, tan tote bag Target

tan cognac tote bag Target

green cargo pants and black and white stripes

black and white Ann Taylor Loft scallop tee, blazer, green pants

So real life question here…how long does it normally take you to wear newly purchased clothing items?

I think I’m a mix of Team Wait Forever and Team Wear It NOW! I used to be of the camp that it had to hang out in my closet while I admire its shiny newness. Once you wear it, it kind of loses its fun, right (unless you get proposed to or win the lottery or meet Andrew Luck from the Colts)? However, lately, I’ve embraced wearing some items as soon as possible, so that I can optimize the number of times I can wear them. No sense in waiting for a “rainy day” to wear your new favorite tee, right?

So on that note, three of the five items I’m wearing today are new. The Target tan tote (more on that to come this week in a full review) and the green pants from Old Navy were purchased at the very beginning of March as awesome staples that I was missing. They kind of got to hang around for a while and get use to my closet. The scallop stripe tee from Ann Taylor Loft? Purchased this weekend during their awesome sale and worn pretty much immediately. So a little bit of both philosophies!

How about you? Let me know in the comments!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Blazer (Spring 2013 – though I hope they bring them back this year; similar 1; similar 2)
  • Tee: Ann Taylor Loft (exact)
  • Tote: Merona, Target (exact – watch out for a post later this week for a review)
  • Pants: Old Navy (exact – LOVE them especially b/c they come in talls!)
  • Ankle Boots: Old Navy (exact)

Friday Night Stripes

black and white stripes, gold necklace

black and white stripe shirt

Giveaways, cardis, and stripes. Oh my! What a Friday! And I was 9 seconds away from calling this post “Mime Time.” So you are welcome….that I didn’t.

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Blog giveaways (see here and enter!)
  • Weekend, weekend, weekend
  • iPhone Sunday!
  • Honeycrisp apples
  • New purse (coming to a blog near you!)
  • Under one month until the BIG DAY (wedding that is!)
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Deader than a doornail phone

Well folks, it is official. My Droid 2 that was eligible for an upgrade on Sunday has bitten the dust. I have no idea what happened to it, but it won’t turn on at all. I’m moving to iPhone on Sunday, so if you have any apps that you love or can recommend any cute cases, let me know in the comments! RIP Droid 2, RIP.


  • On Target item: Merona Striped Shirt (not sold online right now – but see it here, and check it out in stores. It is amazing and super thick. LOVE.; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Necklace: Target (old; similar 1; similar 2)
  • Jeans: Denizen black jeans, Target (exact – tall and short styles online too!)
  • Ankle Boots: Old Navy (exact)