Summer 2017 Wishlist

Summer-summa-summer time!

Wednesday is the technically the first official day of summer, even though Indiana has already had many days over 90 degrees already (hello global warming)! I’m ready for porch sitting, pool swimming, sunglasses wearing, watermelon eating, and all of these summer items below.

But specifically that navy eyelet dress…which has been my favorite piece this summer!

summer 2017 wishlist | Style On Target blog

Top Twelve Things On My Summer Wishlist for 2017:

  1. New Summer Hat – I’ve had my old standby for years now, and it might be time to replace it with a new model. A classic fedora is always a great option!
  2. White Sleeveless Blouse – I’ve been looking for something just like this to wear under blazers at work and with skirts on the weekend. Simple pieces like this help me beat the summer heat/air-conditioning battle!
  3. Neutral Braided Belt – Light and bright and perfect for cinching in all the summer dresses without weighing you down! And this one is ridiculously affordable!
  4. Eyelet Shirt Dress – This was my birthday dress for 2017. It’s navy (comes in two other colors), has pockets, and is soooooooo pretty. Check, check, and check.
  5. Embroidered Tee –  Print-mixing without even lifting a finger…and can’t beat that color combo.
  6. Tan Espadrille Wedges – I bought these in navy last year, so when I found a pair on Poshmark in my size for under $20, I scooped them up! They’re actually ridiculously comfortable for heels, and I love how they go with everything and anything and look a bit more sophisticated than flip flops (not that there is anything wrong with those!)!
  7. Patterned Shorts – I’m not the biggest shorts fan (strong thighs for days, y’all), but you can’t survive on skirts and dresses all summer long, so I’ve been looking for some new shorts. And these paisley ones are prrrreeeetttty!
  8. Black Sandals – This one is simple enough. I have a favorite pair of cognac brown sandals that are so comfy, and I wear them ALLLL the time. So basically I need a black-colored version to be all those things too. You know, for variety! ;)
  9. White Denim Skirt – This is another one of those pieces that I have in another color (aka regular blue denim) and wear to death, so I know I would get a lot of use of another one in another versatile color. Or you know, just spill a ton of coffee on! ;)
  10. Blush Sunglasses – No I don’t know what is wrong with me either…but I just think these are the prettiest pair of sunglasses ever! And I think they look especially pretty with all these summer pieces!
  11. Straw Purse/Clutch – I have this clutch already from J.Crew and love it, but I’m in search of a circle straw/rattan purse, because I’m loving that summer trend right now (I’ve got my eye on this one)! The ideal way to finish off your summer outfit!
  12. Statement Earrings – Move over, statement necklaces. Statement earrings are making their move for top jewelry trend this season. There are so many good ones out there right now, but these are my favs. I bought the similar pair (here) from the SugarFix line at Target, but these are the original beauties!

Doesn’t everything look so pretty together? Blue, white, and neutrals for life, my friends!

What are you putting on your summer wishlist? Did I miss anything on mine that you have on yours?

Spring 2017 Wishlist

Spring has sprung!

Today is the first official day of spring, and while the weather might not agree…this blog writer does and is ready for all things spring. Longer days, warmer temperatures, fresh flowers (aka tulips and peonies), bare legs, and all of these spring items below.

But specifically that striped trench…hurry up and get to my house will you?! ;)

spring 2017 wishlist | Style On Target blog

Top Eleven-ish Things On My Spring Wishlist for 2017:

  1. Striped Trench – This trench is the epitome of what I want my style to be…classic with a twist, and also happens to be the number one item I want for spring. This will be a piece to wear for years to come (aka expect to see it here a lot if it fits)!
  2. Neck Scarf – Like stripes, you can never have enough neck scarves, and it truly is one of the most affordable spring trends to try out! Use them to jazz up sweaters you’ve worn for months or add one to a purse for some extra flair! This one gets extra bonus points for being red and blue, but also comes in another colored pattern!
  3. Black Lace-up Sandals – These are so pretty and will work for every possible event you may have this spring (work, weddings, weird first dates). They have great reviews online about how comfortable they are, and I am thisclose to ordering them!
  4. Blue Sunglasses –  I love what a unique color these are, while still maintaining a very classic style/shape. Gimme.
  5. Windowpane Print Dress – One day, this dress will go on sale for under $50 and that will be the day I purchase it. Love the fit and flare silhouette, and I’ll never hate on a windowpane print (especially in navy)!
  6. Statement Earrings – Move over, statement necklaces. Statement earrings are making their move for top jewelry trend this season. There are so many good ones out there right now, but these are my two favs. The black ones (here) have been seen all over blogs, but I’m also loving the Sugarfix gold ones from Target (here – so affordable)!
  7. Navy Blouse – I’ve been wanting a plain navy blouse that is kind of flowy for months, and I think I have finally found it. It comes in a few other colors and will perfect for mixing and matching (plus it would look great with the skirt that is also in the wishlist)!
  8. Patterned Sleeveless Blouse – Lately I’ve been on a huge sleeveless blouse kick, because they’re the ideal piece to layer under blazers, cardigans, or the J.Crew sweater blazer hybrids that I just can’t stop wearing. Loft and J.Crew seems to have the prettiest patterns recently (example: this blue/green plaid or this pretty floral blouse you’ll see in tomorrow’s post), so don’t mind me while I’m scooping them all up.
  9. Yellow Crossbody Purse – So yes, I already own this bag and bought it in a season that is not spring, but I still wanted to include it here. The pretty punch of yellow is sure to brighten any spring day (whether it is April showering or May flowering)!
  10. A-Line Patterned Skirt – You all see that super fun pattern on that skirt above? They’re BERRIES! Yes, adorable quirky berries in my favorite color scheme. J.Crew…what are you trying to do to my bank account!?
  11. Blue Suede Sandals – Okay, this was another wishlist item that has actually been fulfilled, but this was an item on my list for allllll of last year, so I feel compelled to share. Similar sandals were EVERYWHERE last year during spring and summer, but I could never find a low heel that was actually walkable. Well, leave it to Target to save the day…per usual…and come out with these blue beauties! They also come in four other colors, so you can wear a new color to work every day. ;)

Doesn’t everything look so pretty? And not a pair of mittens or snow boots in sight. Spring, it’s a beautiful thing!

What are you putting on your spring wishlist? Did I miss anything on mine that you have on yours?

Winter Wishlist 2017

Ahh winter. I don’t want you…at all…but apparently, your official arrival is today and my distaste of you doesn’t stop you from sleeting and snowing all over my car.

So, since we have to put up with all that nonsense, I’m trying to put a positive spin on this by focusing on all the things I love about winter.

Cozy layers, sitting in front of the fireplace, setting up Christmas decorations, and stacks of sweaters.

So now that we’re all feeling better about winter, let’s dive into my winter wishlist (you know, besides days that are no colder than 50 degrees).

winter style wishlist 2016 2017; Style On Target blog

Top Twelve Things On My Winter Wishlist for 2016/2017:

  1. Black Watch Plaid Shirt – Can’t get enough of this pattern, and it’s perfectly acceptable to have one of everything in this plaid. That’s basically what J.Crew said this year.
  2. Tan Knit Gloves – I LOVE THESE GLOVES  (and so do many, many others…check out the reviews). I have them in black, and I thought I lost them between last winter and now, but I luckily I found them. So naturally, I need another pair and this tan will go great with my camel coat (oh and everything else…#neutral).
  3. Gray Turtleneck – I was going through my Pinterest boards the other day, and one of the items that kept coming up time and time again in many of my favorite pins was a gray turtleneck sweater. Simple piece, but a great building block for a winter wardrobe.
  4. Black Fur Earmuffs – Because if you’re having a good hair day, then you don’t want to ruin it with a hat, right?
  5. Red Puffer Vest – Even I’m embarrassed to type this, but I don’t think I need another one of these, but I love love love the red (and this black watch plaid option). What can I say…I’m am addicted to puffer vests.
  6. Black Chelsea Ankle Boots – I’ve been wearing my cognac brown ankle boots from last year over and over, so it might be nice to add a black pair into the rotation.
  7. Plaid Coat – Okay, so I already own this one, but it was the number one on my winter wishlist, so I had to include it. Other plaid options I’m loving include this one (love the red!) and this one!
  8. Houndstooth Skirt – A great staple for wearing now with tights and later without! Can you imagine the remixing potential?!
  9. Maroon Plaid Scarf – Just another way to layer up on those super chilly days.
  10. Tan Cashmere Crew Sweater – The one I linked to is a great option, but my favorite cashmere sweater will always be this option from Macy’s (especially when it goes on super sale). Tan is a great staple, but if you are looking for other colors…they have a ton of options!
  11. Burgundy Ankle Boots – Because when you already have ankle boots in black, tan, navy, and green…your next step is burgundy!
  12. Little Red Crossbody Purse – I love a good pop of color, and it is never more important than in the dreary winter. This little crossbody features both red and blue (my favorites) and has excellent reviews online! WANT.

What are you putting on your winterwishlist? Did I miss anything? Snow shovel? Ice pick?! ;)

Fall Wishlist 2016

So tell me whatcha want…whatcha really really want…

Well, now that I have the Spice Girls stuck in your head, I’ll tell you what I want. I want fall, and all of these fall like items below. That’s cool, right?

Leaf crunching, pumpkin spice latte sipping, football watching, sweater wearing fall.

fall style wishlist 2016; Style On Target blog

Top Twelve Things On My Fall Wishlist for 2016:

  1. Open Cardigan – A lightweight, layering piece that goes with everything. I wore my tan one into the ground last fall, so I’m looking to add a black or navy one to mix things up.
  2. Oversized Scarf – Scarves are an excellent way to layer and add colors/patterns/textures to your fall outfits. I bought this one instantly after featuring it on this here blog a few weeks ago…consider it checked off my fall wishlist! ;)
  3. Something Leopard – Leopard’s a neutral don’t you know? Grab a leopard print bag, scarf, belt, or pair of shoes (or one of each!) to make your fall wardrobe a bit more interesting.
  4. Crossbody Purse – Too many fun things in fall involve two hands: apple picking, cheering on the local football team, making s’mores over a campfire, etc. Crossbody purses are obviously ideal for that, and this one comes in many colors!
  5. Scallop Flats – I’ve got these in burgundy (also perfect for fall), and I’m thinking about adding either the black or beige pair to my collection for our upcoming fall trip to Europe!
  6. Button Front Skirt – I love that this style of skirt is still in style. I think the buttons make it so interesting, and I love the pop of color that they bring to any outfit. I still love my denim one, but I want to add a new color to my closet.
  7. Tortoise Shell Earrings – Not fall specific, but I just stumbled upon these, and they are so cute!
  8. New Watch (in an unexpected color) – Burgundy is such a great color for fall, and I often find myself wanting a watch in a non-neutral color, so this would be a great option without being too bold!
  9. Utility Jacket – A classic, must have piece for fall. Light enough for those warmer fall days and easily layer-able with a sweater for those brisk fall nights! I have one from J.Crew (here) and a new one from Target (here), so I probably have my fair share of utility jackets, but I included it since it is the perfect fall piece!
  10. New Plaid Shirt – Nothing says fall like a new plaid shirt, right?
  11. Plaid Blazer – So this one might be a touch out of my budget, but there are so many great options out there for a preppy plaid blazer. Yes, I want to look like a college professor, and no, I’m not mad about it!
  12. New Pair of Ankle Boots – Duh. I lived in ankle boots all fall (and winter) last year. They’re casual enough to make it through the weekend, and a nice leather (or faux leather) pair can even work in the office.

What are you putting on your fall wishlist? Did I miss anything? And don’t say puffer vests, because I have WAY too many of those! ;)

Summer Wishlist 2016

So tell me whatcha want…whatcha really really want…

Well, now that I have the Spice Girls stuck in your head, I’ll tell you what I want. I want summer, but without all the heat and humidity and bugs. You know? But since I can’t have that, then let me tell you all about my summer wishlist!

summer style wishlist 2016; Style On Target

Top Eleven Things On My Summer Wishlist for 2016:

  1. Summer Scarf – Perfect for adding a light layer and/or color to your summer outfits. If this print isn’t your thing, check out these printed options for only $13!
  2. Boater Hat – The hottest hat of the season!
  3. Gold Crossbody Purse – I already have one of these (last seen here), but I love what a nice unexpected twist it gives to outfits. It’s not as crazy as a patterned purse, but it is more interesting that your basic tan bag!
  4. White Skirt – This had been on my planned wishlist for summer all year, and I scored a great option from Forever 21 during the Memorial Day sales (get it here). This is another great option from H&M. Perfect for lightening up your summer wardrobe, and more versatile than a white dress! Oh, and affordable enough to not cry, if you spill wine or spaghetti all over it.
  5. Red Sunglasses – My grandpa said I have so many sunglasses, but I firmly believe in protecting your eyes…and accessorizing! ;) Plus, these are only $9! And if red isn’t your color? This pair comes in 7 other colors!
  6. Something Gingham – It’s the quintessential summer pattern, so of course I had to include it in my summer wishlist! My current favorites are this gingham shell (comes in red too) from J.Crew Factory, but I also love this gingham print purse (here).
  7. Flare Dress – The easiest piece for me to throw on during those hot hot HOT days of summer, so adding one more to my closet won’t hurt!
  8. Black (or Brown) Espadrilles – My favorite summer shoe in a neutral shade that can go with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. Yes, please!
  9. Denim Shorts – Still looking for the perfect pair of these, since they’ll go with EVERYTHING. I don’t want them too tight or too short, but these ones look like winners!
  10. Striped Tank Top – For those days that it is just too hot and you can’t wear your Merona boatneck tees! ;)
  11. White Sneakers – Easily mixes in with almost everything else that you already own. And for $17? You can afford to actually do things in them and not be afraid to get them dirty!

What are you putting on your summer wishlist? Did I miss anything?

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