On Trend: 2016 Birthday List

2016 birthday wishlist | Style On Target

Okay, so this isn’t exactly real “on trend” post, but what’s more trendy than a birthday? I mean they do come back in “style” year after year after year, right? ;)

A couple of loved ones and friends have asked me what I want for my birthday that is coming up, and I might also looking to treat myself to a present (everyone feel free to roll your eyes…), so here’s just a few things I’m loving lately for potential birthday presents and that you all might enjoy too! I ended up with less pattern pieces than expected, but I’m loving how everything looks like it would mix and match!

If your birthday was coming up…what would be on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

  1. J.Crew Tan Regent Blazer (I want this after seeing it on Krista here!)
  2. Merona Black Tote Purse (a classic piece…and I love my tan one!)
  3. J.Crew Blue/White Stripe Shirt
  4. Boden Denim Skirt
  5. H&M Brown Leather Espadrille Flats
  6. Tommy Hilfiger Black/White Gingham Crossbody Purse
  7. Merona Black Watch + Gold Long Circle Necklace
  8. J.Crew Green Field Mechanic Jacket (longer and perhaps warmer than the field utility jacket?)

Spring Wishlist 2016

So tell me whatcha want…whatcha really really want…

Well, now that I have the Spice Girls stuck in your head, I’ll tell you what I want. I want spring weather, longer days, tulips and peonies, and all of these spring items below. That’s not too much to ask, right?

spring wishlist 2016


Top Eleven Things On My Spring Wishlist for 2016:

  1. Stripe Popover – This is the easiest piece for your spring wardrobe. Pair it with a navy blazer and jeans or wear it on its own with white jeans for a bright look! It also comes in a yellow/white stripe combo (here), which is perfect for spring!
  2. Cognac Mules – I’m constantly seconds away from ordering these. They’re definitely one of the “it” shoes for spring this year, and they also come in black. Old Navy has a similar pair here, but I felt the height was a little much for these giraffe legs…and my lack of grace!
  3. Red-Orange Purse – I can actually check this one off my list (see my budget post here for more details), but I felt it was worth mentioning, because I’m obsessed with red-orange shades right now, and I want you all to become obsessed too (and this bag is so affordable)!
  4. Silk Scarf – This is probably the easiest and most affordable spring trend to try! All you do is grab a silk scarf (new or vintage) and tie around your neck (or even purse handle). You can’t go wrong with a simple blue/white stripe option, but there are tons of different colors and prints out there! Be sure to check out Etsy too for some vintage options (here)!
  5. Statement Earrings – Move over, statement necklaces. Statement earrings are making their move this season. I love these affordable ones from Target, but I’m also lusting over these tortoise shell ones from J.Crew!
  6. Red Blazer (similar linked, also comes in yellow and green) – A red blazer had been a huge want for several seasons, and I finally pulled the trigger on this Limited one last month. I think I have my eye on the yellow one next, so I might have to buy it this month!
  7. White Watch – In the last year or so, I’ve been in love with watches, because I think they add a timeless look to any outfit (even though you can simply just look at your phone for the time)! This white one is perfect for spring thanks to its brightness and delicate floral design!
  8. Denim Jacket – A classic, must have piece for spring. Light enough for those warmer spring days and easily layerable with a sweater for those brisk spring mornings!
  9. Gray Suede Pumps – These also have been on my wishlist for what seems like FOREVER! I love how classic they look, but the gray is an unexpected shade that goes with nearly everything!
  10. Red Gingham Shirt – Navy gingham is a classic piece, but I love the idea of grabbing this classic print in an untraditional color!
  11. Flare Skirt – Obviously my favorite style of skirt, as I’m pretty much stuck to only wearing this type of skirt recently. I’m always looking to add new colors/patterns to my collection, and I loved the classic black and white of this one paired with the fun swirls!

Doesn’t everything look so pretty together? I love how having a set “color scheme” for my closet means that pretty much everything can be mixed and matched!

What are you putting on your spring wishlist? Did I miss anything on mine?

Winter Wishlist 2016

So tell me whatcha want…whatcha really really want…

Well, now that I have the Spice Girls stuck in your head, I’ll tell you what I want. I want spring, but since I can’t have that, then let me tell you all about my winter wishlist for the rest of this winter (since you know, it lasts until March 20, according to the calendar…and probably even longer, according to Midwest weather!).

winter style wishlist 2016; Style On Target

Top Eleven Things On My Winter Wishlist for 2016:

  1. Vail Parka – The most wishlisted coat this year by style bloggers? Probably. But for good reason, it’s warm, it comes in neutral shades, and it’s a perfect way to forget that winter is happening (almost).
  2. Stripe Sweater – Stripes everywhere, please. Especially on a super affordable cashmere sweaters!
  3. Cognac Leather Gloves – I think everyone probably has a pair of black leather gloves, but I really like the look of this cognac pair to go with my non-black winter coats. Oh and bonus? They’re smartphone friendly!
  4. Plaid Shirt – Could a more perfect color combination be made for a plaid shirt? I think not. They should just really rename this the “Style On Target” plaid. ;)
  5. Suede Skirt – A must have this year, as the 70s are apparently back and I’ve seen it on every blogger ever (minus me). This one is affordable, comes in unique colors, and is super cute.
  6. Turtleneck Sweater – I’ve been looking for a perfect neutral turtleneck, and this one is the front runner! Easily layerable with vests, blazers, and winter coats!
  7. Tweed Blazer – Preferably one with elbow patches…like this one!
  8. Winter Boots – Duh. You have to have a good pair of winter weather boots when living in the Midwest (see my post here on other winter weather essentials). These come in several colors and come up high enough on the leg to protect against those snow drifts!
  9. One (or Two) New Beanies – I live in beanies for probably 1/3 of the year (thanks Midwest weather!), so I’m always on the lookout for some new ones. This leopard print one (here) would be a fun addition, and this burgundy one (here)would go great with all my neutral colored coats!
  10. Cognac Bucket Bag Purse – I’ve been looking for one of these for quite some time, and Target’s new version is perfect for toting your normal purse stuff, plus your gloves, hat, and scarf!
  11. New Scarf – Speaking of scarves…I love this gingham/block plaid print scarf. It comes in four color combinations, and did I mention that it is affordable cashmere?! Yes, please!

What are you putting on your winter (brr) wishlist? Did I miss anything?

2015 Wishlist


I’m on a mission (again) this year, guys!

To (still) stick to a budget. To (still) make responsible purchases. To (still) buy some classic/long-lasting items. To (still) make smart decisions. And to (still) build a quality wardrobe.

Last year’s 2014 Wishlist went over really well and was helpful to determine what I felt was missing from my wardrobe, so I’m leaning to that format again this year.

Above and below, you can find some key items that I am looking to buy this year (some I did not find in 2014, so they may carry over some). Yes, I sure I’ll buy other things along with these 26 items, but I’m trying to develop my style, and I really think this is the year I figure it out! Obviously, you can probably see a theme in color (red, blues, black, grays, whites) and prints (leopard, stripes, dots), but I know what I like and what works, so I’m sticking with it!

I’ll be updating this list as I find the items (whether or not they are from Target), and you’ll be able to find an updated page on the website dedicated to my 2015 Wishlist. I linked to similar versions to what I’m look for below, but I obviously can’t buy them all now or my January Budget would explode!

Without further adieu, here are the 26 items on my 2015 Wishlist…tell me what’s on yours in the comments!

2015 Wishlist

+ elbow patch sweater (similar)
+ black cardigan (similar)
+ navy cardigan (similar)
+ white button down with black polka dots (similar)
+ anchor print sweater (similar)
+ stripe button down shirt (similar)
+ no-iron white button down shirt (similar)

+ gray casual dress (similar)
+ red/navy stripe dress (similar)
+ black dress (similar – t-shirt sleeve length)
+ red jeans (similar)
+ gray flare skirt (similar)
+ black jeans (similar)
+ vintage style dresses (similar)
+ leopard print flare skirt (similar)

+ gray suede pumps (similar)
+ navy ankle boots (similar)
+ red Ked-like sneakers (similar)
+ bow flats (similar)
+ red ballet flats (similar)

+ black dressy winter coat (similar)
+ olive green or navy quilted vest (similar)

+ striped crossbody purse (similar – either black/white or navy/white)
+ leopard print crossbody purse (similar)
+ oversized gray scarf (similar)
+ white sunglasses (similar)

Birthday Wishlist 2014

No Save or Splurge post today, because I’m selfish and I want to talk about my upcoming birthday! Tune in next week for a Save or Splurge post to get your designer vs. budget style fix!

I take one step closer to 30 on June 10, and I’m always a big fan of birthdays! My birthday, The Husband’s birthday, my family’s birthdays, friends’ birthdays, on and on! My favorite part of birthdays is spending time celebrating that person and just hanging out (and cake, always cake), but I’m also a big fan of presents. We all are right?

So some hint, hints and nudge, nudges for the ones out there that are think of getting me a present…here are some things on my wishlist right now (spoiler alert, not all from Target):


  1. Capsule by Cara Arrow Bracelets
  2. Merona Polka Dot Tote
  3. Merona Blue/White Stripe Ponte Skirt
  4. Old Navy Sunkissed Lime Eyelet Dress
  5. Ann Taylor Loft Long Tassel Necklace
  6. Mossimo Supply Co. Denim Vest
  7. Merona Cambree Heeled Sandals
  8. Merona Yellow Mini Crossbody Purse

If your birthday was soon, what would you be wishing for?!