Borrowing From the Boys




Here’s a secret. I sometimes buy dress shirts from the little boys department of Target (and other stores).

I can’t help it. They’re cheaper. They fit. They come in cool patterns/prints that are completely classic and don’t look overly masculine at all. Not masculine at all, especially when paired with a leopard heel and a fun pop of color with a belt. It is taking the whole masculine/feminine trend to a whole new level, and I like it.


  • On Target item: Cherokee buttondown (from the boys department)
  • Belt: Merona, Target (old)
  • Pants: Gap
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (old)

Back at It




Wahh! I love long weekends. Til next time, my friend.

Going back to work after a long weekend means an easy outfit, and there is nothing easier than a jersey dress in my opinion. I got this dress awhile ago on clearance at Target for like $12. It has been wore a million times (including in Venice, Italy), so it likes to think it is pretty worldly. It’s right.

What’s your go to work outfit?


  • On Target item: Merona Dress (old)
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (old)

Corporate Roar




This whole outfit is Target (dress, blazer, and shoes). The story with this dress is that one of my best friends and I had already gone shopping before ending with a trip to Target. I saw this dress, loved it, and tried it on. It fit PERFECTLY…like it was made for me. I stood between the clothing rack rows with her trying to justify buying this after getting several things at other places. One of my arguments (to myself, yes) was with a blazer or cardigan, this dress could make it to workwear. I think I achieved just that, but let me know what you think, okay? Before my boss sees it?


  • On Target item: Xhilaration Dress, (still available in 16 online, but check out the new patterns also)
  • Blazer: Mossimo, Target (on clearance online!)
  • Shoes: Target (old)

Red, White, and Polka Dots

DSC02145 (2)



Polka dots and stripes hold a special place in my heart. So classic and so perfect for every day use. They pretty much make a classically styled outfit much more special and chic. The skirt was a score from Target, since I have seen a lot of similar styles at more expensive stores. Yes, I realize now that this shirt is gaping, but at least you can see one way to style this (and apparently using this blog will show me what fits and what doesn’t…yikes!).


  • On Target item: Merona Skirt, (still available in 16 online, but check out the new patterns also)
  • Shirt: Merona, Target
  • Shoes: St. John’s Bay, JC Penney